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New look for my webpage

19 Feb 2010

Its a long I updated my web page. So I thought of a new start. This time I made my page more simpler with basic black & white colour.

These days I was busy with my PG Diploma course in Embedded System Design. Update is going on…

Electronic Design and Fabrication with gEDA

05 Dec 2009

“Electronic Design and Fabrication with gEDA” is my first article in LINUX For You Magazine.

This is the first time I am forgetting to blog about my article. Actually it was published in last month(NOVEMBER 2009) issue. Please read it if possible.

This article mainly gives a quick introduction about gEDA. I have also given some snaps of my designs.

Current Sinking & Current Sourcing Tutorials

04 Oct 2009

I have seen some web pages defining that current sinking and current sourcing are same. But the truth is that they are different. This is a tutorial about current sinking and current sourcing in Integrated Circuits(IC).

Current Sinking & Current Sourcing Tutorials

More Octave Example Programs

02 Oct 2009

More example programs for Octave has been posted in my wiki page. Please vist

More  Octave Examples

If you don’t know about Octave, I have been maintaining a wiki page for Octave. See the link below

AT90USB162 Mini Development Board

06 Sep 2009

This time I am with an AVR USB board. It is an tiny development board for the AT90USB162 chips.  I have actually made this board design for my friend’s main project. The design has been made using gEDA. It’s an complete open hardware project. But still the schematics are missing.

Actually I have started drawing the board layout using pcb directly instead of using gsch2pcb. I will try to upload the schematic of the board soon as possible.

Special thanks to Sreeraj and Pramode Sir. This project was completed 3 months before. But I didn’t have much time for blogging. Sorry for the late post.

Here are some of the reference links


AVRopendousDIP – avropendous – Open Hardware Development Board for the AT90USB162

**Here is the board layout file.


Here are some snapshots.

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