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First meeting of FSUG Thrissur

Published on: November 07, 2008

Today we had the first meeting of FSUG thrissur.

There were 9 members.

We all met on P G Center at 5.30 pm

2 were students from GEC

Pramode sir

Ranjith sir


Suresh ചേട്ടന്‍‍

One lady lecturer of Govt. Diploma

Two guys. Name’s I dont remember.

Also these meeting will be on every friday 5.30 pm at P G Center.

One of the thing that I noticed was that there was a lady member. Its actually women power in FOSS. We had a general discussion on the inauguration.

These were some points discussed

Inauguration on 4th December at Sahithya academy

1 day complete event

To release a tutorial CD (video) on how to install GNU/linux and also some basic operations

Poster and broucher

Also to distribute UBUNTU DVD I think still some points are missing. I hope some one will post more  on  the mailing list.

National Conference On Free Software, Kochi India

Published on: October 27, 2008

Software . Free Knowledge . Free Humanity


15th & 16th NOVEMBER, 2008


National Conference On Free Software 2008

is being organized in Cochin Kerala (India) on 15 and 16 November 2008.

Last years event was held in Hyderabad .Perhaps we should remedy this time around, I request

readers to please spread the word about the conference widely.

The event is organised by Appropriate Technology Promotion Society(ATPS) , CUSAT, Government of Kerala’s IT@School project and Open Software Solutions Industrial Cooperative Society Limited (OSS ICS)</p>

If you like to attend National Conference on Free Software please register as a delegate online.

I think this is my first seminar I an going to attend.

My exams will start on this thursday starting with Economics. Time to study :(

Diff & Patch: An one minute tutorial

Published on: September 27, 2008

Most of us working in open source projects need to generate modification on a special part of code.

After making changes we need to send it. Only the difference in the file is needed to be sent.

So how to create a difference(diff) file ? Simple .Follow these steps

**_diff X.c X.c > “diff file”_**

Here diff file may be X.c.diff. __

X.c is a c language file.**_


Now if we receive the diff file, how to join(patch) it with our orginal file? See below

patch X.c X.c.diff

Help Firefox3 to create a Guiness World Record

Published on: June 15, 2008

Firefox3 will be available for free download on June17.

Now its in a mission to set a Guinness World Record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours!

so go and download from

hacking GeeXboX (Part 2)

Published on: June 06, 2008

Once again I am back with GeeXboX hacks. Last time I had told you how to manually install GeeXboX.Manually installed GeeXboX is needed for my hacks.

This time I will tell you how to configure LCD support for GeeXboX.According to my knowledge GeeXboX doesnot have support for LCD’s by default.

To know which all kind of LCD’s GeeXboX supports,you just need to view the lcd4linux.conf file in the /GEEXBOX/etc/ directory. Now here we are going to enable the LCD display for HD44780-generic LCD’s. If you view the file lcddisplay in the same directory you can see the settings of GeeXboX LCD’s. My lcddisplay file looked like this





The first line shows that the LCD has not been enabled in GeeXboX.So we will change no into yes.

Second line shows the model it is suppoting. We are going to use a hitachi 16*2 LCD’s (HD44780-generic LCD’s). So we will change the HD44780-winamp into HD44780-generic.

There is no need to change the third & fourth line. They tell about the width & height. They are correct for a 16*2 Hitachi LCD.

Here are some shots of my lcd (HD44780-generic)

lcd frontlcd back

Pin assignment

At last the correct configure lcddisplay looks like this.Save your changes in the lcddisplay file as below.





Configuring the file lcddisplay for LCD support in GeeXboX is over. Now the circuit.Connect the LCD as discribed. The circuit diagram is written in the lcd4linux.conf file. We are using HD44780-generic.So use look at that section and you can understand the wiring. Any way I will put circuit diagram soon.

That’s all everything is over.Now restart your system.Yow can see display on the LCD screen.

I dont have an digicam of my own. So sorry for no shot of my LCD :(with GeeXbox.But my webcam in windows has captured the lcd glowwing with backlight.See some of them.

My LCD when connected to Windows

For more info on the LCD support read this link

Wait for more.Next time I will come with LIRC support on GeeXboX.

Till then bye from j-noise.

UPDATE:- The LCD connection diagram

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