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USB MP3 Player

Published on: August 09, 2009

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Last day I bought a USB MP3 player board from a local store in Thrissur. This board can read MP3 files from a USB thumb drive and play it for you.

The board circuit diagram is so simple that there are a very few connections. some of the connections are

The other main features are an built in FM receiver and also an remote control. The player can read up to 1999 songs. I have not tried any other music formats other than MP3.

The main attraction is its cost. The board cost only 250 Rupees ( 5$).

Here is the connection diagram details.

Here are some screen shots

Note(Nov 28, 2009): This is not an open hardware project. Please don’t ask for circuit diagram. I actually bought this circuit board from a local store. The connection details are so easy. The board has markings on it for the connections.

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