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GNUdino Revised Version-0.2

Published on: March 20, 2009

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I am back with the revised version of GNUdino-AVR.  This is actually one of the projects in FOSSTRONICS .  Also you can understand more about GNUdino-AVR from my previous blog post.

The last version that I had designed contains several errors.  But first I didn’t realize those mistakes.  But after posting to gEDA-User mailing list I got some suggestions.  These were some of the reply for the mail that I had received from gEDA-User mailing list when I had asked for error check.

My mail

Reply mails

Special thanks to gEDA-User mailing list members for pointing out the errors.

This version has a few of improvements.

1)  Components are on Component side (Last time by mistake I had placed them on the solder side).

2)  Polygons (There was no polygons in the last version).

3)  Numbering of components were removed  (Last time all resistors were ‘R1’ )

This is the source file GNUdino-AVR-0.2.pcb

This time also I have posted for a error check to the gEDA-User mailing list.

If you can please check the file GNUdino-AVR-0.2.pcb for errors. Also comment out those errors. It would be a great thanks if you can do that… :)

These are the files that I have used for tracing from the Eagle layout. The tracing process had been explained in the previous blog post. You don’t have to check these files for errors. These files have been placed for educational purpose i.e those who want to learn PCB track tracing in PCB.



For latest versions of GNUdino which are designed from me can be found from


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