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Report on the Seminar-Embedded Design With GNU/Linux

Published on: March 22, 2009

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This is just a small description about the Embedded Design With GNU/Linux seminar that I had attended. Its not a complete report !

Free Software Cell, Government Engineering College, Barton Hill, Thiruvananthapuram had Organised a One Day National Seminar on “Embedded Design With GNU/Linux” On March 21, 2009, Saturday at the College Auditorium in association with Visiting Faculty Scheme, Directorate of Technical Education , Govt. of Kerala and Kerala State Council for Science Technology and Environment.

I was there to attend the event.  I and Sreeraj reached the Trivandrum  railway station at 3.oo AM. We waited Pramode Sir for his arrival. After refreshing we had a breakfast.  Almost at 9.15 Am we reached the college.

The inauguration was almost at 9.30 AM. There was welcome speech from students and also from the Principal of the college.

At 10 AM we had the Keynote Address  ‘Free Software for Science and Technology’ by  Dr. V.Sasikumar . It was a nice session about Free Software, its importance and also a short introduction on Creative Commons.  It was ended at 10.30 AM.

Next session was by Mr. Shakthi Kannan on ‘Badam Halwa of Embedded Systems’.  It was a nice session and was interactive.  He gave a very good description about the important topics in Embedded Systems.

There was one more session by  Shakthi  on ‘Electronics Design Automation Using GNU/Linux’. It was mainly about the Free Software EDA tools. He showed some electronics designs which was done using Free Software.

After the first session by Shakthi, I had shown him one of my GNUdino board design which was done using Free Software. In the middle of the second session Shakthi invited me to the stage to give a small description about the GNUdino board design. I gave a small description to the audience about GNUdino board and also ARDUINO. This session was ended at 1.00 PM.

The afternoon session was ‘How to Hack an ARM Microcontroller Using GNU/Linux’ by Pramode Sir. He showed the some of his STM32 Primer experiments which is documented here. It was also a nice session. Pramode Sir was afraid whether all will be sleeping because it was such a topic and also because everyone will be in a good sleepy mood after having a good Biriyani. But he showed his skills by giving sticker who answered his questions. All we eagerly listening his talk. There were also some question about the compilation.

The second afternoon session was ‘Java In Action- With Lego MindStorm NXT – Robot’ by Mr. David John. This session was about programming the Lego MindStorm NXT – Robot. It was also a nice and interactive session. At the end he showed a line following robot using Lego MindStorm NXT – Robot .

All the session had an end at 4.30 PM. There was award distribution to the speakers. Also participation certificate to the students who attended the talk.We left from Trivandrum at 11 PM.

It is nice if there is more such talks conducted.  Anyway thanks to Free Software Cell, Govt. Engg. College, Thiruvananthapuram..


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