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GNUdino – ARDUINO design using gEDA

Published on: March 14, 2009

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Arduino is one of the coolest board to start learning microcontroller programming. You can get a whole lot of documents from the internet. It’s an Open Hardware project. So that you are free to distribute it, copy it, modify it…. like a free software. Open hardware is a latest trend in the electronics field.

One of the problems of Arduino was that, it’s designs were done using a proprietry software named Eagle. Although free version of eagle is available from the net, it is not a free software. Also the free version of eagle has a limitation that we cannot design large boards.

So I thought of redesigning the Arduino Single-Sided Serial Board (version 3) board using free software gEDA (GNU Electronic Design and Automation) tool. These are the design files of the board.


These files are released under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License 2.5.  You can use this file anywhere you want same as like the arduino license. Please give me proper credits while using this file and also give a link back to my page

I have designed this board by tracing the pcb layout of arduino which was designed using eagle. A small tutorial of tracing pcb’s by DJ Delorie is shown here.

Similar to the tutorial above, I am giving the files which I had first used for designing purpose.



Place these two files in a folder. Now in the terminal run the command

pcb –bg-image 125_90.ppm ard.pcb

You can see the pcb tracks over the arduino pcb design which was done using eagle. The pcb tracks were drawn on the component side. While loading the file, PCB will be showing the component side. So you will be seeing the tracks not sitting on the background image. To switch to the solder side press the “TAB” button. Now you will see the track alligned.

Please check the files for any mistakes. If there is any, please comment it.

If you have any comments please do it… :)

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