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Track Every Watt(TEW)

Published on: May 26, 2011

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Track every Watt(TEW) is one of the new Open Hardware based project which I am working on for the past few weeks. Track Every Watt is a pluggable device which can be used to measure power consumed by an electrical appliance. The device to be measured is connected to the TEW which has an LCD display which shows power consumed and also some additional information. TEW was inspired from Kill A Watt which is a device that can only measure devices with voltage ratingĀ  110V. TEW has a voltage rating of 230V and this is the reason why I started this project.

TEW ProtoType

Track Every Watt can display additional information such as Voltage(V), Current(A), Watts(W), Volt-Amp(VA), Frequency(Hz), Power Factor(PF), Kilo Watt Hour(KWH), Time Elapsed. It uses an Analog Devices Energing Metering IC ADE7763. There is also an application note AN-564 for this IC.


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