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Cooking GNUduino

09 Oct 2010      

Today I fabricated the PCB for GNUduino (Arduino made with gEDA). I used screen printing to transfer the PCB layout. Screen printing is another way to transfer the PCB layout to the copper clad instead of the conventional toner transfer method. Download GNUduino  design files

The PCB was successfully fabricated and also tested the LED blink sketch. Everything is working fine.

NOTE: The below shown are only prototype’s to verify the design. High quality PCB’s cab be made with the design files.

Here are some snapshots

The screen printed copper clad’s

screen printed copper clad's of GNUduino

Etching the PCB

Etching GNUduino

After drilling holes

Drill holes in GNUduino

GNUduino is ready

GNUduino - Arduino made with gEDA

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