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Octave Tutorials

Published on: February 23, 2009

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Octave is a kind of FREE SOFTWARE  replacement to matlab. But still these days matlab is being used by colleges for their lab purposes.

Even my B-Tech syllabus of calicut university has matlab to be learned. So I thought of  moving towards octave. These are some cool links to start with OCTAVE. You must have installed octave in your PC for using this.

These tutorials are not written by me. But I am planning to write one. It will contain some basic commands and also the experiments solved for the B-Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Octave Introduction

Experiments using Octave for B-Tech course

Soon this page will be running up. Now I am going for my final year tour to Hyderabad (INDIA) .After that the tutorials will be setup…

You can just see a small experiment implemented by my friend using octave.

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