Years ago there was a distro called Fedora Electronics Lab (FEL). It was a GNU/Linux distro with all the electronics tools installed. You just had to download the .iso file, burn to CD/DVD and install to your PC. I really loved this distro since it all had the packages that I need. I can directly start my hobby electronics projects. After sometime FEL stopped its releases. I don't know what happened. Might be that the developers were busy with some other works or there was very less demand for this distro.

Now I am in need of this distro. But these days I am using Kubuntu as my distro and I don't want to switch to FEL. Each time when I install a new Kununtu, I have to manually install all the electronics packages. At times I used to forget the pacakages list. So here I have made list of packages which is required for an electronics enthusiast.

for cloning repositiories. There are other repo tools like SVN and hg
Full open source package for msp430 development